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In-depth Review Of The Best Delta 8 Cart For 2022

After looking up and reading about people’s experiences with delta-8 products, it will be pretty apparent that many people love and enjoy the products. Delta-8 products are fantastic because they are illegal, affordable, and sold by some of the best company brands. Their customer service is also top-notch.Several brands make Delta-8 products. Some are better than others, but it is essential to know the specific brands worth purchasing. In this article, we assist you in selecting the most convenient and the best brand to suit your needs through a vast delta 8 cart in-depth review.

Diamond CBD

The first brand of Diamond CBD emerged in 2015. Since then, the brand has been on an upward trend in quality and customer satisfaction. That success is primarily attributed to the company hiring doctors and scientists to be part of its team. The company is serious about manufacturing healthy and safe cannabis products.

You will surely be impressed by how great the Diamond CBD products are. The reason for that is first, the items sold are entirely organic, bearing no additives or chemicals at all, like a recipe. Despite those feet of achievement, the company continues to relentlessly research the best way to make cannabis goods better in quality.

Diamond CBD brand uses the method of CO2 extraction in making its products. Additionally, it uses hemp from Colorado and employs third-party laboratory testing to secure its products’ safety. Diamond CBD website has all the lab reports for your information and perusal if you get the interest and the chance to visit.


To start with, this company scores high in the professional team behind its great products. Hardly do companies hire scientists and doctors to assist with manufacturing hemp products. However, Diamond CBD has taken the leap of faith to include the professional team, thus assuring one of the best quality hemp products. Another outstanding feature of the brand is its wide range of strains.


Products from Diamond CBD come with many advantages; availability of products in stores, 30-day return policy, eco-conscious and sustainability, discounts are also offered, and the company’s pricing is inclusively accessible and affordable.

Customer Reviews

Customers loved that the brand offers great money-saving opportunities with the best savings and deals. They are also impressed by the excellent quality of its customer care service. What with the friendliest team and great reward points for earning savings and free products?

Based in Los Angeles, exhale wellness consists of a very experienced team that include hemp farmers in Colorado, cannabis enthusiasts, and researchers partnering to promote healthy usage of cannabis. The company is known for creating the highest-grade products of delta-8 in the market. It is very keen on utilizing non-GMO, naturally occurring, and vegan products bearing no additives. Their cartridges contain natural flavors like Mango, Blackberry, and Pineapple.


Exhale sources high-quality materials for their vapes from their quality partners in Colorado. Their vapes are completely vegan, made from natural flavors. The delta-8 THC has no artificial flavoring, gluten, or dairy. Every milliliter of the delta-8 cartridge has 900 mg of delta-8 THC within the Federal Farm Bill’s limits. All the brand’s products are also lab tested and certified by a third-party lab.


In addressing the advantages of purchasing from this brand, the only disclaimer is that the brand’s products are only available online. Otherwise, the list of pros is many; All vegan products flavors are all-natural, lucrative discounts, free shipping, a money-back guarantee, positive customer reviews, formulation with no harmful ingredients, compatible with standard 510 pens, and hemp products of high quality and less adverse effects.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews demonstrate great satisfaction from customers. Customers have praised Exhale for providing transparent information on the processes of making cartridges and their content. Thus, they have been very much involved with their products. Customers have also expressed satisfaction with the fact that the brand provides them with the chance to be in control of their choices.


Budpop is mainly dedicated to educating people on hemp plants’ virtues and healing properties. BudPop products are designed to help you enjoy, relax, relieve anxiety, and feel at ease in the general sense. The brand has no tolerance to additives or reagents for flavoring. It uses plant terpenes to provide flavors.


This brand cares a lot about third-party lab testing. That is evident from the reports of the lab testing on their website. You can easily access and read them. Flavors are often limited, but they are delicious. For instance, vape carts come in Strawberry Gelato and Grape Runtz. Their gummies are also available in Watermelon Skittles and Blue Dream Berry. The carts also come with a lot of cleanliness. Therefore, you will not have to worry about agents such as MCT, PG, vitamin E, PEG, or VG.


Before delving into the pros, it is worth noting that the products for this brand are available only on the official website. Apart from that, this brand has many advantages; organic, free of additives, Nevada-grown hemp for U.S orders, free shipping, user-friendly website, 30-day money-back guarantee, and third-party lab testing.

Customers’ Reviews

Customers enjoy speaking with BudPop representatives over the phone or email, and they are swift in response. They also like the way the products make them feel. Additionally, they reported loving the free shipping and delicious flavors in the products.

Final Thoughts

As you select the right brand for you, you should consider the following: the legality of a brand’s operations, sources of hemp used by the company, the kind of product’s customer reviews, third-party laboratory testing, and shipping and returns. You could get your choice from the few lists provided above.



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