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How to Take Care of Data Breaches in a Remote Work Environment?

With the pandemic ending, most companies have paved the way for remote working. Though working from home has several benefits, it also comes with its own set of risks. There are several security considerations when it comes to remote working. 

But on the other side, even when the pandemic is ending, a section of society will be seen working from home due to the nature of the job. 

For the sake of both an individual and the company, it is essential to implement cyber security measures to protect the company’s data. Companies like onPlatinum IT help businesses expand without worrying about security problems using the Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework. 

Here is a list of cybersecurity tips and tricks to help prevent any data breach in a remote work environment. 

Use Virtual Private Network

It is a good practice to connect to a virtual private network. Employees should be aware of ways to secure VPNs. Improving VPN security by using the best possible authentication methods is possible. One should know how to configure firewalls and wireless networks to keep their home network safe and secure. 

Strengthen Your Wi-Fi

It is imperative to strengthen your WI-FI’s security. Always set a strong password on your router. You can easily change the SSID and the networking name from the settings page, making it difficult for third parties to access your Wi-Fi network. Also, enable encryption format, limit network access, and ensure that your firmware is all updated. 

Secure Cloud Platform

Always using a reliable cloud service will help you store all private data. The entire infrastructure should be well encrypted. Accessing and managing work documents from anywhere you like is safe without worrying about any data breach.

Be Careful When Working in Public Spaces

Try to avoid public Wi-Fi when working in a public place. Using a personal hotspot is much safer. Also, ensure you take proper care of your laptop. Losing a work laptop won’t be a good experience as it carries a lot of official or private documents and information. 

Install Firewall

A firewall does wonders in helping protect against cyberattacks. It keeps track of all incoming and outgoing traffic. 

Two-Factor Authentication

Most companies prefer two-factor authentication for better data security. It is just an additional step to prevent any sort of data breach. Even if someone’s password is stolen because of two-factor authentication, it is impossible to access data. This can be in voice messages, fingerprint recognition, retina authentication, etc. 

Keep All Software Updated

You need to make sure that your software is constantly updated. Such updates can help get rid of bugs and other flaws that might be in the software. 

Implement Mobile Device Management Solution

Many companies resort to mobile device management solutions because the core team can keep track of the company device and the data it stores. The core team can completely control a remote employee’s device. If required, they can remove any application from the device that might pose a security threat. 


There has been a rise in remote work opportunities thanks to the pandemic. You can assume that this work-from-home trend will persist for some time now because of its innumerable advantages. Companies such as onPlatinum IT and the like will keep helping networking opportunities and businesses flourish even during the remote setup. By following the best cybersecurity practices, one can avoid any kind of security risks and can work safely from home.



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