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Busting Some Common Epilepsy Myths

Epilepsy is a medical condition in which a person suffers from unprovoked and recurrent seizures. When a person has two or more seizures without any underlying cause being distinguished that is when a doctor diagnoses the person with epilepsy.

This is a condition that comes with a lot of baggage and yes, myths too. There are a plethora of misconceptions that are roaming around.

According to the best neurologist in Karachi, epilepsy is a disease in which the nervous system of a person falters.

Now, lets debunk these given below myths so that one can enjoy the streak of the right information.

Myth No 1 – A Person Can Swallow Their Tongue While Having A Seizure

No, there is no world where this statement is right. It is downright impossible for a person to swallow their tongue while they are having a seizure. What they can in fact do, is they can try to bite their tongue and in the end might end up losing it.

Myth No 2 – When a Person Is Having a Seizure, Try to Put Something Into Their Mouth to Prevent the Person From Choking

No, this cannot be more flawed. One should never ever put something in a person’s mouth if they are having a seizure. The main reason why it has refrained is that this practice could hurt the other person. What you should do is gently roll the person to the other side. Then put something under their head and then wait till they have finally regained consciousness.

Myth No 3 – If a Person is Having Epilepsy, Then You Should Restrain Them

The one thing that you should not do if a person is having a seizure is this one. Because if you do this, you might end up hurting the person. Thus, try to hold someone down in these instances so that they might not undergo a bone or muscular injury.

What you need to do is you should make the surrounded area clear of any objects. Furthermore, you can also try to pad their head with something soft.

Myth No 4 – It is a Contagious Disease

For a longer period of time, people have thought that epilepsy is a contagious disease. They use to think that one can get epilepsy if one is in contact with someone who has had this disease. But the reality is that it is not a contagious disease.

Myth No 5 – A Person is in Pain During Seizure

No, this is a common myth that most of the time roams around. But the reality is that a person is unconscious during such times and thus they cannot feel any painful sensations during that time.

Yet what does happen is that a person might feel lagged and tired after prolonged hours of seizures. Thus, they might feel worn out in such matters.

Myth No 6 – If You Have Epilepsy You are Mentally Ill or Retarded

It is important to note here that epilepsy just like mental illness and development disabilities are all conditions in which the person suffers from a malfunctioning of their brain.

But epilepsy does not mean that you are suffering from an intellectual disability or that you cannot function like other normal people. Because let us just all admit that you can. Epilepsy is a disease that does affect how a person thinks or their thought process but it does not mean that a person cannot think or they cannot take on a project.

Epilepsy does affect how a person tends to think but it is not the end of the world disease.

Myth No 7 – If You have Seizure Then You have Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a disease in which a person tends to undergo seizures numerous times. There can be various reasons why one can differentiate a seizure from this brain disease. You can also experience a seizure if you have had a recent concussion or a high fever as well as a low sugar level.

One of the main symptoms of epilepsy is recurrent seizures. But if a person is not having them then they are not epileptic.

Myth No 8 – Treatments for Epilepsy Do Not Work

Well, this one is definitely a myth. Epilepsy treatments work and if you have the right doctor by your side then these medications can definitely prove to be worthy.

Some of the common and trusted treatment methods that are used by neurologists include:

  • Brain surgery
  • Nerve stimulation
  • Implanted electric device
  • Balanced diet

Thus it is nothing more but a myth that epileptic treatment has no worth and does not work.

The Bottom Line

Epilepsy is a serious medical condition in which millions of deaths are reported on a yearly basis. Thus it is important to make use of the best information. You should also stay in touch with your primary health care advisor in such matters.



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